Culmination – My Neighbourhood

Having explored the theme My Neighbourhood-Delhi, Class 2 culminated the theme on 25th October 2017. To begin with, students took the parents through a Power Point Presentation which showcased their learning’s during the theme. Children spoke about their Entry Event to the theme, Visits, Activities, research Work and everything else they experienced and gained while exploring the theme. Thereafter, parents and children attempted the activities set up for them at different stations. At the first station, they put the Jig-Saw pieces together to make famous Historical Monuments of Delhi. On the next Station, they created a Tag-Line to promote tourism in Delhi. The third and the fourth station had some Fact sheets and word search based on the important places in Delhi. Students were proactively helping the parents solve these sheets using the knowledge gathered while exploring the theme. A small museum displaying children’s work was put up as well and the parents appreciated work done by the children before leaving.