Culmination : My Neighbourhood

For the culmination of the EVS theme: My Neighbourhood, we invited parents for a special event to share our learning with them.

The event began with the students presenting a power point to explain what they learned while exploring various aspects of the theme. The students talked about different activities that were done in class to learn interesting facts and information about India and its neighbouring countries.

After the presentation, a quiz was conducted for the parents and children. They were divided into five teams. Four rounds of challenging questions got everyone excited. The children were beaming with enthusiasm as they knew most of the answers and were helping parents in answering questions. The winning team performed on stage to celebrate their win.

At the end of the culmination event, the children along with the parents solved a crossword worksheet based on the ‘Landforms of India’. All the parents enthusiastically participated in the activities that were planned for the day and showed great support to the children.