Culmination on ‘Food’ – Cl. Pallav

“I keep on telling her the names of different vegetables, fruits and pulses; whatever we cook at home”.
Ms. Bhavana Rana, Parent of Diva Rana, Class – Pallav Basant

“She wanted to take a balanced meal to school. Was aware of various benefits of a food group. .”
Ms. Maulini , Parent of Aaradhya Pathak, Class – Pallav Basant

“Weekly updates on the portal helps in understanding how things are taught and hence I can easily reinforce the concept at home .”
Ms. Hema Verma, Parent of Ojas Agawari, Class – Pallav Bahaar

“Rishit started asking for vegetables at home and surprisingly he started eating a few.”
Ms. Shashi Diwan, Parent of Rishit Diwan, Class – Pallav Bahaar