Culmination on ‘Namaste Korea’ – Cl. III

“Mostly listen to the kids when she came back home and shared about Korean culture, song and mostly the sharing, the joy around it and learning from them”.
Ms. Priya, Parent of Ammaya Awasthi, Class – III Malhaar

“She made me learn their National Flag, National animal etc. It was really fun for us.”
Ms. Payal , Parent of Devanshi, Class – III Bahaar

“To be honest, I too got to learn about Korea in depth along with my child. Being involved in her assignments and projects.”
Ms. Jeethu, Parent of Evelyn, Class – III Malhaar

“Anaya has shared her experience and excitement. Learning has evolved for me as a parent.”
Ms. Aditi, Parent of Anaya Mittal, Class – III Basant