Culmination on ‘Notes n’ NIBS’ – Cl. III

“The children were asked to prepare the layout of the stationery shop they visited in Dwarka. I helped my daughter understand its layout”.
Ms. Nupur M Kumar, Parent of Reet M Kumar, Class – III Basant

“This is the practical knowledge which children learn a lot and use this kind of multiplication in daily life .”
Ms. Mansi , Parent of Saina Chadha, Class – III Malhaar

“Need more coasters and bookmarks; missed buying as they were over.”
Ms. Gunjan, Parent of Shagun, Class – III Bahaar

“We went to the grocery store Daily Delite with him and bought items which he calculated.”
Ms. Arti Soni, Parent of Shivaum Soni, Class – III Bahaar