Culmination on ‘Me and My Family’ – Cl.Pallav

“Our knowledge of relationship was tested. Good way to remind the relationships”.
Ms. Mandeep Kaur, Parent of Prabhgun Kaur, Class – Pallav Basant

“I enjoyed all the activities but mostly narrating story of  three little pigs was a great fun.”
Ms. Rupam , Parent of Vihaan, Class – Pallav Basant

“Maximum, we love to do everything for school as well as our child. ”
Ms. Komal Prasad, Parent of Aadya Ranjan, Class – Pallav Malhaar

“We tried to make my daughter remember phone number, address at least. ”
Mr. Vaibhav , Parent of Nivedita Mishra, Class – Pallav Malhaar