Culmination : ‘Water’ – Cl. I

The students of Class I culminated their theme on ‘Water’ on 27th February, 2018. The culmination started with some of the students presenting a Hindi Song showcasing the important features learnings from their theme. After this the students took the parents into a journey of their discovery about water through a presentation. It was an interactive presentation where the students tested their parent’s knowledge in between with questions. The presentation was followed by a play based on the story of ‘Finding Nemo’ – a movie that the students saw as an introduction to aquatic animals during their theme. Last but not the least the students presented a captivating dance performance on water. After this the parents were invited to step outside in the amphitheater where an entire chemistry lab was set up for them. They performed various experiments with water. They tested whether certain objects floated or sank in water. They tested the temperature of water and tasted sweet, salty, sour and bitter water. They purified water and saw raisins dancing in water. The culmination ended with parents trying their hand at blow painting using a straw, marble painting and creating music with a water xylophone.