Special Care for Special Needs

At NiBS, we acknowledge the right of all children to education and commit ourselves to providing educational opportunities for children with mild to moderate learning difficulties.

In our programme, children receive individualized educational support in an inclusive and integrated set up and a multisensory approach is used in response to the varied learning styles of each child. Our special educators work together with experts to determine and make the best possible intervention to help each child optimize his/her potential and understand his/her own uniqueness and strength. In addition to remedial support, classroom support too is provided. Towards this end, mainstream teachers are equipped with differentiated instructional and behaviour management strategies so that they may ably make the necessary accommodations required for children with special needs.

Our all-encompassing endeavour is to equip children with all that they need to develop a strong sense of identity, self-esteem and a belief that they may face any challenge with confidence. In our caring and encouraging environment, children develop an interest in learning, become active and independent, and perform better.

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