The Heart of Holism

The co-curricular programme at Nirmal Bhartia is varied, active and lies at the very heart of our core curriculum. As part of the programme, we offer learning opportunities in the areas of Visual Art, Clay and Pottery, Indian Music and Dance, Western Music, Sports and Physical Education and Information Technology. An innovative Library Programme and a wide variety of Hobby Clubs are also offered.

Our purposes and intentions

The broad objectives of our programme are,

  • To help identify the varied and diverse talents of children and encourage their proficient development.
  • To serve as a means of fostering balanced, all-round growth.
  • To help children develop a holistic, rich and integrated world-view. This may be done by augmenting study in the mainstream academic disciplines with the help of relevant and interesting interdisciplinary perspectives. For e.g. a joint teaching class could help to better explain the concept symmetry both in mathematics and in art!
  • To acquaint and expose children to the history of human excellence and genius in diverse fields.

A gradual progression

While children in Junior School are exposed to the entire breadth and range of the programme, Middle school students are encouraged to make specialized choices based on their areas of interest and talent. They choose between Studio Art and Clay as part of the Visual Arts stream and between Western Music, Indian Music and Dance as part of the Performing Arts stream. Students are also encouraged to choose a specific Sport to specialize in. Senior students further refine their choices as they attempt to excel in their chosen areas of Art and Sport.

Pioneering a whole new way

At NiBs, the co-curricular calendar is a vibrant and lively mix of innovative weekly, monthly and annual festivals, performances, assemblies, inter-house and inter-school events.

The following are some of our most pioneering initiatives especially designed to give children new and diverse frames and perspectives with which to explore the co-curricular.

Young At Art

Young at art is a children’s art festival that both celebrates the unique transformational power of Art and pays tribute to the boundless wonder and innate creativity of children. Bringing together an unparalleled range of artiste atithis from fields as diverse as toy and puppetry, the book arts and paper craft, film and photography to Madhubani painting and mime theatre, this three day festival enables children to experience new ways of ‘seeing’, find new connections both with the community and themselves, and finally, learn not just skills but also self-expression and confidence.

The Together We Can Challenge

A collaborative design challenge, ‘Together We Can’ presents the children with a real world design task of significance to the community and the opportunity to make a genuine difference. Challenging and demanding in format, the contest requires participants to think creatively, plan effectively, work collaboratively and make optimal use of resources as they attempt to create a proposal for the ‘best design’.

From the time of the inaugural Together We Can Challenge till now, student teams from some of the finest schools in the capital have competed with each other to create brochures and information cards for Shankar’s International Doll’s Museum, wall murals for a municipal school, a library for an NGO, and an organic recipe book for Navdanya.

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