All of Life’s Diversity

Creatively and thoughtfully planned by our team, ‘The NiBS Difference’ includes an ever-growing list of distinctive enrichment initiatives that incorporate the crucial life-skills required to appreciate and address the challenges presented by life.

Circle Time

This is a time during which children gather together in a circle and share their thoughts and ideas on topics that are meaningful and significant to them. Having the freedom to express their feelings in a safe environment in the presence of their friends and teachers helps improve their self-esteem and communication skills, and encourages deep and genuine bonding.

CARE (Children Ask, Review and Explore) Time

Scheduled appropriately towards the end of the day, CARE is a time for students to pause, reflect upon and discuss their concerns and experiences of the day. During this time, children either ask questions and clarify their doubts, review and reinforce the day’s learning or explore and go beyond to grapple with topics of greater complexity and challenge. The flexibility to make their own choices in this way, encourages children to take ownership of their learning and become independent, lifelong learners.

Integrated Project

Every year, our school team selects a theme for the year and children across classes and age-groups research and explore the same through the lens of different disciplines and approaches. We believe that examining a topic both laterally and in-depth not only fosters a comprehensive understanding but also encourages creativity and a questioning of traditional boundaries, while it promotes the recognition of new and hitherto unseen connections. Over the past few years, some of the broad themes investigated include Games People Play, Communication, Its About Time, Food We Eat and Film and Cinema.

Nirmal Explorer

The NE programme charts out various study visits and trips to places of significance, historic sites, and other venues for learning. Our children visit museums, planetariums, art galleries, army camps, factories, etc, both during school hours and on longer overnight trips, as part of their exploratory learning. Seeing is believing and actually visiting places related to their study offers students the most authentic learning experience of all.


Clubs are an initiative to inspire children to pursue interests and passions in areas beyond the core disciplinary and co-curricular areas. Conducted in a multi-age group format, they are an effective means of helping children develop specialized talents and skills.

SEWA (Social and Environmental Wellness and Action)

A commitment to SEWA or Social and Environmental Wellness and Action is an integral and all pervasive spirit that permeates every grain of our culture and learning at NiBS. As a binding thread that connects each of us, SEWA recognizes that we each have a responsibility towards the communities that we are a part of- our families, the school, our nation and the Earth, and allows us to humbly express our gratitude for the wealth that they have each endowed us with. Nurturing the SEWA spirit, each of the four Houses plan fundraisers, awareness activities and gratitude days. Junior and Middle students carry out a dedicated SEWA project each year, and among other initiatives Senior students complete community based SEWA internships during the summer break.

Learning Together

Learning Together is a bespoke personal, social, health and general awareness program. Using a variety of modes such as role-plays, stories, case-studies and class discussions, it encourages children to explore questions of ethicality, understand the challenges involved in arriving at a sound judgment, and then take constructive action to bring about change. As children participate in the program, they develop strong life-skills in the areas of personal safety, conflict resolution, communication and self-expression, appreciation of difference, tolerance, cultural sensitivity and critical media analysis.

Life-Skill Advisories

The Life-Skill Advisory is a small group advisory programme for senior students. As part of the programme, small groups of students paired with a mentor teacher explore, discuss and practice the acquisition of essential life-skills relating to several broad themes relevant to their lives, for eg. self-awareness, citizenship, community engagement and work ethic. Students also complete a summer internship project, prepare a project report and present the same to their group.

Class Trips

Once a year, all children starting from grade III are taken for an out-station trip to a site in the vicinity of the capital. Accompanied by teachers and friends, and travelling for the first time without their parents, the trip offers many an opportunity for them to learn the vital life-skills of learning how to pack, being responsible for one’s own belongings, looking out for each other and time-management. Outdoor adventure activities and team-building games organized on such trips further give them the opportunity to acquire leadership skills and practice collaboration.

Exchange Programmes

Exchange programmes provide our children with a greater range of learning opportunities and experiences. At NiBS we are presently conducting e-exchange programmes with schools and children in other parts of the world and also partnering with overseas schools to conduct joint projects as part of the British Council’s International School Award (ISA) programme.

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