Cyber bullying workshop

A workshop was held on 24th October, 2016 by Mr. Rakshit Tandon an advisor to the cyber-crime unit across the nation. He shared some very crucial and important information with the students who were unaware of the perils that lie in the path while using the net.

The session started with an interactive session where the students were asked questions as to how many students held a face book account or used WhatsApp. Many real life situations were discussed and the fact that the number of crimes being committed are by students below the age of 18.The reason he brought these things to light was to emphasise on the fact that creating fake Ids’ on the net can be very dangerous. Regardless of whether there is a check or not, it is illegal to make fake accounts and use inappropriate language over technology. Some very important cyber laws were shared with the students. To put this in a nutshell, he informed the students on games that are banned and the legal age for certain sites.

Then he discussed about some online games that project violence which can impact the young minds. It was explained to them, that they were of an age where they get influenced easily and adapt to things around them. Likewise when playing these games on a phone, laptop or an I-pad continuously, they are nurturing violence knowingly or unknowingly.

He introduced a new term to the students “netiquette” i.e. the disciplined way to surf the web. Also they were given certain facts on the usage of a smart phone. Clicking photos on a phone does not necessarily mean they are safe. The fact that their privacy is always at stake and one needs to be more careful. He showed them on a live account as to how a hacker can get all their information just by hacking their email ids. One can get access to their photos, location and calendar details as the phone automatically updates everything to our Google account. This left the students shell shocked and hopefully was an eye-opener to the dangers of technology. Nonetheless, it was told to them that technology can be used for both good and bad. He himself, being a live example of using technology for the better.

Towards the end, user related security was shared with all the students on how they can stay safe at all times. Mr Tandon was kind enough to share his contact details to ensure help or support if needed.