A special combined assembly was presented by students of Junior, Middle and Senior school to celebrate the auspicious occasion of Diwali.

The assembly began with morning prayers as the blessings of the almighty were essential for beginning the day. After the prayer, Middle School students presented a modern rap on Ramayana. In their own unique way, they narrated major parts of the story through their songs.

Next in turn, was a performance by class XI students who showcased their creative bent of mind by presenting a modern Ramayana- a saga of the victory of good over evil set in modern world. The message of the act was that be it in time immemorial or in the 21st century, goodness is always going to win over the evil.

After this, Junior School students presented a dance to make the celebrations more lively and colourful. They were appreciated for their beautiful performance.

This was followed by a narration of the Ramayana by two of our teachers. This was done in order to imbibe in the students the idea of respecting our past and our heritage.

Last but not the least, Neem house students interacted with the students and informed the young minds about the importance of celebrating a clean and green Diwali and emphasized on the harmful effects of burning crackers.