Demonstration Session on Experimental Activities in Physics

Prof. Ved Ratna Memorial Lecture at Mt. Carmel School, Dwarka organized by IAPT On 14th April 2018, Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT), Regional Chapter- Delhi and Haryana organized the 6th Prof. Ved Ratna Memorial Lecture in Mount Carmel School, Dwarka. Prof. Neeraj Khare from IIT Delhi delivered the lecture on nano particles and their applications. Dr. Khare explained nanotechnology through a PowerPoint presentation and examples from nature. He emphasized that substances behave differently at that scale and the coming decade is important for research in nanotechnology so it would be a good idea to familiarize school students with it. The lecture was followed by a demonstration session of experimental activities in physics by Dr. S.K. Singhal, who through easily available materials illustrated chromatic aberration, intereference pattern, surface tension of water, pressure difference in fluids,material absorption etc. Ms. Chandni Khanna attended the session from NiBS and shared her learning with her students in a special assembly.