Diversity in Organism

DEEP STUDY PROJECT ON DIVERSITY IN ORGANISMS 5. february 2018 brought with it, an opportunity for the students of class IX Basant to have an interactive session on ‘ Diversity in organism’ by Dr. Preeti Khandelwal , a zoology professor at Sri Venkateshwara college, New Delhi . The purpose of the talk was to provide them greater understanding of the organisms they were researching on and also explore more on the functional and taxonomic diversity in organisms. The session began with a brief discussion on Biodiversity by having students identify and talk about what they know about the various habitats around them, including the amazing variety of life. She also spoke about the taxonomic grouping, the ecological significance of biodiversity in nature. Students also presented their Deep study research projects in their groups to their classmates and to the professor. She gave her valuable inputs on the projects which were incorporated by the students .She also answered the queries put up by the students. This helped in furthering their understanding of all aspects of organismal diversity and evolution.