Dussehra Assembly

To celebrate Dussehra and Durga Puja a special assembly was organized on 7th October, 2016 by the students of Junior, Middle and Senior school .The assembly started with the morning prayer that assured the remembrance of the Almighty on this auspicious occasion.

A musical Ramayana was presented by the students of Junior School which depicted the triumph of good over evil. The students not only artfully acted out the whole epic, their gestures and colourful costumes complimented their performance. After the musical Ramayana, middle school took the center stage and sang ‘Chaupais’ from the Ramcharitmanas along with their meanings. As Navratris and Durga Puja are simultaneously celebrated at this time, class X presented ‘Mahishasur Mardini’ through a dance performance, to highlight the grandeur of goddess Durga and showcase her nine ‘avatars’.

The whole objective behind the assembly was to emphasize the value of how good prevails over evil. The assembly educated students about the culture and traditional stories behind the festivals which we celebrate, as well as its relevance in present times.