Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental issues and work for its protection. On the occasion of Earth Day on 22nd April, Banyan House presented a special assembly for the students and teachers of the school.

Banyan House organised three activities to create awareness on environment conservation and make students think about real-time solutions.

The mime act, presented by the students of classes 10th and 11th, addressed the issue of water-wastage.  The actors without saying a word managed to convey the importance of water in our lives – water as a resource, its misuse and its conservation.

The next creative activity was of presenting workable ideas, where representatives from each house had to think of a real life environmental issue and then present feasible solutions through a power point presentation. The participants also had to convince their audience about the viability of their idea.

A poster-making competition was organised for students of classes 6th to 8th, so that students could connect themselves with the environment and use art as a medium of expression to voice their opinion on saving the planet.

These activities gave the students a platform to actively participate and connect with the pressing environmental issues and express their opinions on it. Further this initiative helped in spreading awareness amongst students about the environment and how youth together can make a difference.