Educational Trip to TERI RETREAT, Gurgaon

As a part of the PBL on plant reproduction, students of class 7 Basant and Bahaar visited TERI RETREAT , Gurgaon to get a hands on learning experience.
TERI is India’s first sustainable building running entirely on eco-friendly and renewable resources.The students attended a brief interactive session on the main objective of this organisation to contribute constructively towards the growth of the nation in making it self efficient in energy resources. It was followed by a visit to ‘Micro Propagation’ lab where an expert explained the ‘Tissue Culture’ technique using nano technology.
Students visited the ‘Biomass Gasifier’ plant and learnt about it’s functioning. The TERI building is powered by ‘Biomass Gasifier’ and any surplus energy that is generated is used to recharge the battery bank.The most fascinating eco friendly ‘Chulhas’ were centre of attraction. An expert displayed the working of this model.
Students also learnt about the ‘Earth Air Tunnel’ system which helps the building to maintain a constant temperature through out the year.A simple and yet so effectively science was incorporated in creating a work space while conserving ‘Mother Nature ‘ around.