Effective Circle Time Through Stories

The telling of stories create the real world – by Alberto Manguel

As teachers, we are in the unique position for children to tell us about themselves every day. Through play, drawings, story-telling and many other activities, we invite children to express their feelings and ideas during circle time. To enhance our skills in circle time through story telling Ms.Vandana and Ms. Poonam attended a workshop on 1st October, 2016 from 9am to 12:30pm. at M.L. Bhartia Auditorium, Alliance Francaise, 72, KK Birla Marge, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi-110003.

The workshop was conducted by Simi Srivastava,  the founder director of Kathashala- a storytelling institute.

The programme highlights were how to get most out of circle time, warm-up ideas, learn strategies to make circle time an expressive zone, understand the relevance of stories during circle time, learn strategies for telling stories during circle time, and demo sessions.

We learnt that stories are an important and interesting part during circle time. There are ethics to be followed while conducting a circle time. Sitting in a circle gives an equally opportunity to clearly speak, clearly see and hear each other. We saw different activities to help children get into the circle easily. Teacher can use flash cards, story books, musical instruments, real objects, puppets, piece of cloth, a toy and her own body as an aid to conduct story during circle time.

It was indeed a good learning experience for us. This workshop equipped us with fine details to be taken care while planning and executing circle time with stories.