Exploring New Horizons

Exploring New Horizons is an initiative through which all the teachers get a chance to explore something that goes beyond the realms of teaching. Keeping in mind our Annual Theme ‘Heroes and Sheroes’, this year on 24th May, 2019 we visited an NGO Unnati-Family of Disabled (FOD), working for the betterment of people with disabilities who are trained in various vocations to enable them to earn a livelihood either through their own ventures or by securing jobs.

We explored different units at FOD. The first one was a cutting and tailoring unit, the second one was a computer training unit working in collaboration with Microsoft. The special feature of this unit was the eye tracking digital technology installed on their computers which helped the impaired to type in by tracking the movements of their retina as they looked into the screen.

Finally we visited the unit manufacturing Newspaper Pencils which was a unique product. The sturdy pencils were ecofriendly as they were made neither from wood or any other paper. It supported recycling as it was made from newspapers and helped protect the environment as it saved trees from being cut down. The shop selling these products was a big hit and everyone wanted to take back something which Unnati had to offer. Seeing the remarkable drive and determination to never give up, of the people working there, was indeed inspiring.