Exploring the World through Senses

The students of classes II to IV attended an interactive session conducted by Dr. Ashish Vashishth, an ENT specialist, while studying their EVS theme, ‘Exploring the world through our Senses’ and  ‘My Body’, to help them to understand the connection between our ears, nose and throat,

The session began with the doctor using a model to briefly explain the parts of the ear, nose and throat to the children. He also spoke about how these organs were interconnected and the need to take care of them.

Following the presentation, the doctor answered the students’ queries. Some interesting questions asked included:

“Why do our ears make a popping sound and hurt when we are landing or taking off in an aeroplane?”

“What are tonsils and why do they swell up and hurt when we get a cold?”

“Where does the wax in our ears come from?”

“How does the voice box produce voice?”

“Why should we not clean the wax in our ears with an ear bud?”

The children enjoyed the session with the doctor as it had  helped to clarify  many of their queries and they now  had a better understanding of how these organs were interconnected.