Fighting Diseases : A Talk On Vaccination

To go beyond text book learning on the topic of Micro-organisms, the students of class VIII attended a talk by Dr.Vinita D’Monty on vaccination. The children already knew that the world of micro-organisms has a direct impact on our daily lives and is responsible for the causes of most of the diseases in humans.

To add to their repertoire of information Dr.Vinita spoke about the different types of vaccines and their mode of action, stressing on their importance to save us from diseases. She explained the scientific terminologies including antigen, antibody, active and passive immunity and the need and purpose of booster doses.

Having given her talk Dr. Vinita encouraged students to pose queries to deepen their understanding of the relation between the micro organism and the diseases. Needless to say all their questions were answered with interest and understanding.

The session proved to be an effective tool in taking the children’s interest forward on the topic and helped them to enhance their learning without the drudgery of books and note books.