Fourth Inter-House Gymnastic Competition

The Fourth Inter-House Gymnastic Competition for classes IV and V was held on Thursday, 28th to Saturday, 13th April 2016. The competition was divided into two categories:

  • Artistic: In this competition there are four apparatuses: table vault, balance beam, uneven parallel bars and floor exercise. The students performed floor exercise and balancing beam in this competition.
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics Girls Individual: This is a sport in which individuals or groups of 5 or more manipulate one or two pieces of apparatus: clubs, hoop, ball, ribbon, rope and freehand (no apparatus).It is performed on the floor with music and during each routine the five apparatuses must be in continuous motion. Gymnastics is a perfect example of stamina, strength, power, flexibility, agility, dexterity, endurance and hand-eye coordination. The children put up a brilliant display of sportsmanship, enthusiasm, energy and skill.

Artistic gymnastic result First-Neem Second-Ashoka Third- Banyan Fourth-Peepal Rhythmic Gymnastics result:- First-Ashoka Second-Neem Third- Peepal Fourth-Banyan