Frog Fest

Students of grade IX Basant on 7th of February took part in the ‘Frog fest’ held at WWF office, Lodhi road. The aim of the visit was to gain a deeper understanding of the biodiversity and interdependence that exists in nature. Learning from the Frog fest landed naturally with our Deep study project in the school, as amphibians was one of the topics of student’s research. The Frog fest talked of amphibians, frog diversity, their role in nature, culture and their conservation. The festival also enabled our students to experience the world of frogs through films, Gond art, frog quizzes, games, talks by experts and more. Eminent frog researcher Dr. K.B Gururaja has contributed to the festival through his valuable photographs, videos and audios. During the festival our students also got a chance to interact with Dr. S.D Biju, who is popularly known as the Frogman of India. He shared his research and photographs on new discoveries and rediscovered species of frogs in India. He was appreciative of the Deep study projects our students were doing and said that such authentic project is the real learning.