Getting to know ‘Bapu’

On 21st January, students of class 8 made a trip to Gandhi Ashram and Rajghat. The objective was to get firsthand knowledge about the father of our nation whom we lovingly call ‘Bapu’, and who to the historians is ‘The Mahatma’. As part of their ongoing History project on ‘Gandhi’, they got an opportunity to take a peek at Bapu’s life in the ashram, where they had a brief encounter with Khadi and its manufacture. They travelled across time through the newspaper clippings displayed in the museum about Gandhi’s philosophy and his last days in Delhi. They understood the man behind the Mahatma better as they listened to his music and pondered over his memorabilia on the first floor of the museum. They responded eagerly to the information provided by the volunteers who took them on a guided tour of the Ashram, and posed numerous questions to them. Rajghat, though solemn, was lit up by the cackles and chirps of young minds that spent a few minutes paying respect to the great soul. As teachers, we hope that the learning from the trip and the free spirit of enquiry continues to blossom further amongst these young minds.