Gratitude Day at NiBS

The Gratitude Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal. The assembly was dedicated to all didi’s and bhaiyas of the school who form the spine of it. The assembly commenced with sanskrit shlokas, invoking peace and prosperity. It was followed by recital of a Hindi poem “Mehnat karne walo ki haar nahi hoti” which highlighted the importance of hard work. A soulful rendition of ‘Zindagi milke bitayengay ’ by the students conveyed the message to be always in sync with the vision and philosophy of the school. .

Pulsating with rhythm and harmony, the stage came alive, as students presented a dance – ‘Rabta’ which was followed by a recital of a self-composed heart touching  poem on didi’s and bhaiyas. The poem not only highlighted their importance in the school and how they make our each passing day comfortable.

The celebrations came to a close with the fun games and refreshment to all didis and bhaiyas who are the backbone of our school.