Growing Up Years Workshop

“The aspects from which Dr. Patri’s workshop which I found most useful were how to be a good parent and how to reply to kids ”.
Ms. Sugandhi , Parent of Meher, Class – IV Bahaar

“These aspects of the session were the most interesting and useful like good touch and bad touch, good behavioural records to be maintained for kids, throwing out of mind our own thoughts (changing ourselves before bringing the change in kids.”
Ms. Meghmani , Parent of Kiyaan Bajaj, Class – Pallav Bahaar

“Yes, my queries were answered through other parents questions as well, though I didn’t ask but it was very helpful ”.
Ms. Latika, Parent of Driti Talwar, Class – Pallav Bahaar

“The best part was the techniques told to instill good behaviour. It also helped to shed our inhibitions while talking to our son and start with an open slate”.
Mr. Chandeep Singh, Parent of Harjap, Class – Ankur Basant

“Assessing yourself before you assess your child’s behaviour as your values drive your actions or reactions. The good deed diary encourage good behaviours and thoughts”.
Mr. & Ms. Singh, Parent of Sidak, Class – Ankur Basant

“It was interactive. Quite need based and related to real issues. Also, the suggestions were real”.
Ms. Bhanu Jain, Parent of Ishaan Goel, Class – Pallav Malhaar

“Showed me the mirror and to make me understand that time and patience are the most important things you need to do all that you expect from your child”.
Ms. Lakshmi, Parent of S. Kashvi, Class – III Basant

“I found the following aspects most useful like modes of communication and how to talk about child abuse and safe places”.
Ms. Kamalpreet, Parent of Guransh, Class – I Basant