Growing up Years workshop

The Growing up Years workshop The Growing up years programme was conducted on 3rd August , 2019 by Dr. Vasantha R. Patri ,a psychologist and professional counsellor. She is currently the chairperson of Indian Institute of Counselling, New Delhi. She was on the faculty of Psychology in the Lady Shri Ram College of Delhi University for 30 years. She has to her credit eight books, booklets, and one travel manual. She has numerous research publications and popular articles in newspapers and magazines The duration of the session was about 2 hours .

The session was centered around positive parenting, raising responsible and confident children, letting the child learn from failures, ways to foster creativity in children, building up child’s self esteem and faulty parent-child relationship. A video was also shown on preventing child abuse which highlighted the different ways in which one could talk about good and bad touch to the children ,making them aware and guiding them on staying protected in such a situation. The sessions throughout was highly interactive and brought a lot of questions to the forefront which were answered by Dr. Patri giving the parents some excellent parenting advices.

The Growing up years programme was conducted in the first week of August by a leading psychologist Mrs. Jyotsna Bharadwaj and her team from classes VI to XII. She specializes in delivering workshops to adolescents and teenagers on the crucial growing up years where children generally grapple with all kinds of new changes. Separate sessions were conducted for boys and girls of different year groups and were tailored according to the problems experienced by them. The duration of the session was over an hour each.

The session were centered around providing comfort and clarification from confusion that comes along with all the changes that take place in the minds of children from the mental, physical and emotional view point. The sessions throughout were interactive and brought a few questions to the forefront which the students were hesitant to articulate previously. There was also a follow-up session done by the school counsellor to clarify any concerns and questions along with taking feedback