Growing Up Years Workshop for Junior School Parents

“It gave me a real insight that someway we are responsible for our child’s low esteem and we should be more loving and accepting instead of being demanding.”
Ms. Rekha , Parent of Saranya, Class – IV Basant

“I learnt that it is okay to be imperfect.”
Mr. Vinay Pal, Parent of Shivam Pal, Class – Ankur Malhaar

“When Dr. Patri answered some queries and I found that some were common to mine.”
Ms. Shivani Paliwal, Parent of Aadi Paliwal, Class – Ankur Bahaar

“I learnt –>Develop self-esteem–>Don’t indulge in over parenting–>Consistent discipline”
Mr. Chiranjeev Singh Bedi & Ms. Avneet Bedi,  Parents of Haranshjeev Singh

“I found faulty parent-child relationship very interesting as many real life examples were discussed which happens to us in our daily life.”
Ms. Swati Ashish Bhardwaj, Parent of Siansh Bhardwaj, Class – Ankur Bahaar