Day 3

10.30 am – After a delicious breakfast, Getting ready to visit the fort.

3:00 pm – Children finished their sightseeing and enjoyed the lunch.  They were served dal tadka, paneer do pyaza, mixed vegetables, vegetable fried rice, schezwan vegetables and ice cream.

5 pm – All worked on an art activity and are now munching on hamburgers and fries and sipping child Coke.

7 pm – Kids enjoying evening snacks at MC Donald.

7:20 pm – After a historically good trip, it’s time to say goodbye to the city of Gwalior.  All assembled at the station, waiting for our train to arrive.

8 pm – All aboard safely and settled on the train…well in time before departure.

9 pm – Just finished dinner.  We were served dal makhani, paneer, dahi, rice, Parantha and ice cream.

ETA – 00:30 am – Will miss being with friends…till next year.  See you soon in school folks…

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IMG-20151021-WA0007 IMG-20151021-WA0008

Day 2

7 am – An early rising to catch sight of the free spirited animals and birds in the wild.  Also a stop over at the George Castle for Royal visitors..!!

10.30 am – After a delicious breakfast, we start on our journey back to Gwalior.

1.30 pm – Reached Gwalior and after settling into our rooms, we focus all our attention on the Royal Lunch…tomato soup, butter chicken, paneer, dal pachrangi, veg manchurian, hakka noodles and ice cream.

4 pm – Reliving our glorious past at the Jai Vilas Palace and Museum.

6 pm – Getting ready for the Light and Sound show after yet another food break comprising burgers, french fries and pakoras.


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Day 1

6 am – All aboard and happily settled as the train takes off…

8:30 am – Enjoying a hearty breakfast of cutlets, omlette and toast in the Shatabdi

10:30 am – Off the train and into the bus…enroute to Shivpuri…snacking and singing all the way!

2 pm – Arrived at our destination and settling into our rooms at the Shivpuri Resort.

3:30 pm – On the lookout for crocodiles after a hearty lunch that included dal tadka, paneer mattar, mixed vegetables, boondi raita, jeera rice and rasgullas.

6 pm – Enjoying the beauty of the Chhatries on a starry night…

8:30 pm – Dancing non-stop to our favourite beats, we worked up quite an appetite and are now enjoying a sumptuous dinner of hot rajma, palak paneer and chicken and cold ice cream…!!

Lights out and it’s off to bed now…

IMG-20151019-WA0024 IMG-20151019-WA0023



IMG-20151019-WA0010 IMG-20151019-WA0011

IMG-20151019-WA0014 IMG-20151019-WA0015

IMG-20151019-WA0016 IMG-20151019-WA0017










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