Day 3

6:45 am – Time to rise and shine for an early morning start to another action packed day.

8:45 am – Fully ‘FED UP’ on a typical South Indian breakfast with idly, vada and uthapam, and also sandwiches, omlettes, milk with cornflakes, fruit and juice, we now proceed to the Gwalior Fort…

12:30 pm – After appreciating the Tomb of Mohd. Ghaus and paying homage to navratna Tansen, we now proceed to do some heavy duty shopping…

3:00 pm – After souvenir shopping and a lunch comprising of kadi-rice, paneer, mixed veg, kurkuri bhindi and gulab jamuns, we get busy with mind boggling team games and art sessions.

6:45 am – After a historically good trip, it’s time to say goodbye to the city of Gwalior.  All assembled at the station, waiting for our train to arrive.

8 pm – All aboard safely and settled on the train…well in time before departure.

11:30 pm – Reached and in our bus for the final leg of our journey back home…Will miss being with friends…tell next year.  See you soon in school folks…


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Day 2

6:15 am – After an early wake up call at 5:30 am, we set off on our jungle adventure, hoping to truly experience THE WILD…

 8:00 am – Tense in the dense…as we go deeper into the thick forest and spot spotted deer, nilgai, chinkara and the funny langoors…

9:45 am – Fully full on puri – aloo, omlette and toast, poha, cornflakes with milk and fresh fruit, we board our coaches for the return journey to Gwalior.

12:45 pm – Settling into our hotel rooms in Gwalior before we proceed for lunch at 1:30 pm.

3 pm – After enjoying typical Punjabi cuisine that included shahi paneer, dal makhni and hot ‘gulabos’, we are setting off to appreciate the beauty and grandeur of the Jai Vilas Palace and Museum.

6:30 pm – After a very interesting and informative visit to the Jai Vilas Museum and snacking on yummy hot paneer and aloo pakoras, we are on our way to the Gwalior Fort for the Light and Sound Show.

9:00 pm – After a scintillating experience at the Gwalior Fort, it’s time to let our hair down and take out our dancing shoes…The girls leaving the boys way behind….

10 pm – And we all seem to be wearing Cinderella’s golden shoes…as some continue to dance while others enjoy Chinese cuisine tonight. It’s light out for the day folks…Will catch up with you again tomorrow morning.

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Day 1

4:05 am – Hurray…perfect timing as we board the buses and make our way to the New Delhi Railway Station.

5:40 am – We are just too good to be true…all settled in the train and waiting for departure.

6:00 am – Bang on time…Away we roll.  Already been handed out our Rail Neer and Fresca Lime water to start the day.

7:15 am – Enjoying the Shatabdi breakfast – Omelette / Veg Cutlets and Toast.

9:45 am – In the land of the Scindias…and en route to Shivpuri now.

1 pm – Reached and settling in with our friends in the wonderful wild.

2 pm – Hungry and ravenous, we enjoy local cuisine including dal bhatti, churma, kadi, paneer mattar and bharta.  The gulab kheer at culmination making us feel like Royalty indeed!!

3 pm – A half hour to rest before we assemble together and proceed to the ‘kund’.

5:30 pm – After enjoying hot yummy french fries, we enjoy the beauty of the Cenotaphs or the Chhatries, as they are popularly called.

9 pm – It’s light out time after a scrumptious meal of butter chicken, dal fry, malai kofta, jeera aloo and strawberry ice-cream.  Will fill you in on more tomorrow morning.  Goodnight and miss us till then…














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