Heritage Walk to the Humayun’s Tomb

As part of their PBL (Project based Learning) on the Mughal Dynasty, the students of Class VII, accompanied by their teachers, went on a heritage tour to the Humayun’s tomb on 28th July, 2016.It was conducted by Mr. Sohail Hashmi, a renowned historian. Through this trip, the students learnt about the legacy of the Mughals. The activity was an initiative to empower students of their rich history and heritage.

Mr. Hashmi explained to the students about the blend of Indo-Islamic cultural aspects, the architecture and the craftsmanship of the Humayun’s tomb and how it servedas a model/prototype for the construction of the Taj Mahal.

This was an educative trip as the students learned about the rich legacy of the Mughals and also how important it is to conserve monuments to appreciate the past.