Independent Project – Cl. VI – VIII

The Independent Project by the students of classes VI – VIII culminated on 16th February, 2018. It was graced by the parents who had come to witness the fruits of labour of their children. The students had earlier identified a topic of interest that they would like to base their research on. Once they chose a topic of their interest, the young researchers were guided by the mentor teachers to help them make progress with their learning. The projects were presented via myriad formats – models, charts, demonstrations and performances. The students who were a part of the Language Project made some lovely comic strips and books to bring out the best of their research. Some students recited a poem while others put up a play or made a model. As part of the Science Project short informative movies were created by the students and many expressed their learning through power point presentations and detailed, elaborate working models. The famous mathematician ‘Srinivasa Ramanujan’ was the center of a lot of students’ research. One of the students also impressed the audience by solving a Rubik Cube within a short span of time explaining his interpretation of the formulas. As a part of their History projects students brought to life many topics such as – Evolution of a Country, The Predicament of Slaves, Architecture of the Dead, Nazi Party of Germany and many more. The students who were a part of the sports team had made various models to show the rules on a football ground or a cricket pitch and also elaborated on the skills required for a basketball dunk. Those who were a part of the photography project displayed some awe inspiring photographs on ‘Still Photography, Nature Photography, and Wildlife Photography and so on. The display on the final day gave the students a sense of achievement and great satisfaction. Faye Gordon