Jodo Gyan Workshop

Jodo Gyan approach towards Mathematics  (Making Mathematics Beautiful):-

A workshop was conducted by Ms. Shubomita of Jodo Gyan for math teachers on Thursday, 18th May, 2017 in the school premises. The trainer introduced the Jodo Gyan approach of teaching math through the extensive use of their resource materials.

She introduced patterns and geometrical part of mathematics using Rangometry kit (a set of various colored cut – outs of shapes – triangle, square, rhombus, trapezium etc).Teachers worked in groups to arrange these shapes to form designs and create sceneries.

The emphasis of the workshop was on thinking, generalizing and reasoning. The resource person involved teachers in activities on numbers, place values, ordering, less than, more than…etc using Ganit mala (a mala with 100 beads). The method focuses on the place value and Number Sense. In this approach, the connection of the number with quantity is kept alive which helps to connect to the real life experiences and intuitions of the child. (????)


She introduced fractions through the fraction kit (a disc with cut outs of halves, one thirds, one fourths, one sixths, one eighths).

All the teachers participated enthusiastically. By this workshop we learnt innovative methods to help our students to understand and enjoy Mathematics.