“Land of This and That”

The children of class II were in for a big surprise as they learnt about nouns! Waiting for a ‘talk’ by an author, excitement levels rose as they walked into the auditorium and saw the puppets that were waiting to greet them. The enthusiasm and good cheer only grew as they realized that it was their dear Charu Ma`am who had donned the hat of a puppeteer to transport them into the “Land of This and That”.

A gripping story that led to squeals of laughter as all the characters and things named “This” and “That” caused great chaos and confusion, till ‘Naming Words’ came to their rescue!

The story helped the students to understand the importance and usage of ‘nouns’ and back in class, they came together as groups to write their own stories using ‘naming words’.

As part of their ongoing Project in English on Nouns, Class II had a visit planned by a linguist on 27th July,2016 but instead they had a big surprise waiting for them when their dear Charu Ma`am donned the hat of a puppeteer and transported the children into the “Land of This and That”.

It was a gripping story in which all the characters and things were named as “This” and “That” and everyone was confused as to who was calling whom and what they wanted. This led to a fight amongst the characters and finally Nouns or Naming words came to their rescue and gave each character and thing a name. After they got names, the confusion cleared up and they all lived happily after.

Through this story the students realized the importance of nouns in our everyday life.

It was followed by an interactive session by Charu Maam and by the end of it they clearly understood why it is important to have names. The children thoroughly enjoyed the puppet show.