Leadership Workshop

Learning is a never ending process and to help our young leaders of today transition into great leaders, a Leadership Workshop was organized for the members of the Student Council along with other students.

The Leadership Workshop was conducted on Wednesday, 17th May 2017 by Knowledge XP. To provide students with learning experiences, different activities were organized during the span of the workshop that taught students different values and how to abide by them.

The workshop began with an activity called ‘Race to the Middle’ that conveyed the importance of confidence and team work. ‘Playing in the Dark’ was another activity where students were first divided into groups; blind folded and then asked to make different shapes with their respective groups.

The completion of tasks was followed by a discussion. Students then discussed the problems they faced and the different strategies that they adopted to carry out these tasks. To strengthen their learning, students then carried out different tasks and completed them in a short span of time by using different strategies. In this activity, students learned the importance of effective communication and how important communication skills are for a leader. One of the activities focussed on teaching time management and how time wasters can be eliminated from our daily schedule to be more productive. They were told about the three different types of leaders along with their merits and demerits. The workshop ended with a ‘Praise Shower’ where each student was praised and their best qualities highlighted, which made students more confident about themselves.

The workshop helped students develop self-confidence and life skills like team work and time management which will help them shape their personalities and become strong leaders.