Learning to Learn

“I wish to congratulate NiBS for this programme for parents. The sessions were informative, interesting. Especially, glad and grateful to know that education in this school is not a “commodity” that is sold but that our children are learning to be their very best in every way. ”
Ms. Pema yolmo , Parent of Chunthuilung R. Mpamei , Class – VII Basant

“What intrigued me most is the methodology used to de-construct reading, writing and listening into various  facets – association with anecdotes, characters/people in your life. This has given me a new dimension to there skills. I am highly grateful to NiBS for widening my horizon. And counting another step forward would be to bring performing arts too in the ambit.”
Mr. Simmi Kakar , Parent of Aahana Kakar, Class – V Basant

“Language – How thru reading they could develop their communication skills and various activities. Maths – Very interesting. I could study math again ! ”
Ms. Priya Gupta , Parent of Ammaya Awasthi , Class – II Basant

“Learning and teaching methods have changed a lot since our schooling and this session was an eye opener. ”
Ms. Nupur Maithani, Parent of Anushree Dimri , Class – Ankur Malhaar

“Sounds of the letters and C.V.C method is so much useful to teach the kids correct pronunciation and connection among the letters. ”
Ms. Sunita Rai, Parent of Yuvraj Rai , Class – Ankur Bahaar

“The activities that can be given to the child for the eye and hand co-ordination. We were not aware that there is so much that can be done with basic things at home.”
Mr. Keerat Jasdeep, Parent of Waaris Singh Kohli, Class – Ankur Basant