Learning to Learn

“All, I personally got a refresher on properties of polygons, learnt about political movement of Bolivia & also loved the projects on student poems”.
Mr. Ankur Tiwari, Parent of Zoya Tiwari, Class – II Malhaar

“City of dreams was very engaging. What a beautiful way to connect with the place where we live. Take away for me too as a parent.”
Ms. Goel , Parent of Kashvi Goel, Class – II Bahaar

“Dhriti & Maithili gave a wonderful and in depth view on diversity. They were really impressive in terms of explaining the topic and the facets they explored. ”
Ms. Sunil Nair, Parent of Ishan Nair, Class – IV Malhaar

“They even encouraged us to interact with our children  the way they are being interacted in the class. ”
Ms. Astha, Parent of Ira, Class – Ankur Basant

“I understood the phonetics approach and loved the hand’s on activities for parents. I know now how the school is approaching English as a language. ”
Ms. Ritika Subhash, Parent of Yuvan Bhatia, Class – Ankur Malhaar

“PBL Presentations were great to watch. Gave an insight to the practical knowledge being imbibed by the children. ”
Ms. Amy Madan, Parent of Levana Rajesh, Class – II Bahaar

“The one in the auditorium was brilliantly done and very informative and even I loved the book fair. ”
Ms. Manisha Deshpande, Parent of Aditi Deshpande, Class – X Bahaar

“I think such sessions are really important for school and parents to be on the same page and ensure the child grows and treads the right path. ”
Mr. Shashank Karla, Parent of Anahita Karla, Class – Ankur Basant