Learning to Learn

“Very good experience, observing the technique in which teachers are sharing knowledge with kids”.
Ms. Papiya Bhattacharya , Parent of Advait Srivastava , Class – IV Malhaar

“A great initiative, mind opener for few points discussed, any changed the point of view.”
Mr. Rajan Verma, Parent of Kuhu Verma, Class – XI Basant

“Yes, it gave me insights on learning. I am happy to learn will follow same at home.”
Ms. Jyoti , Parent of Tejas, Class – I Bahaar

“Yes, it was really amazing to see the children making the concepts understand through various practically learned concepts.”
Mr. Yogender Kumar, Parent of Vaanya Dhiman, Class – IV Bahaar

“Hindi – Since I haven’t studied hindi at all !.”
Mr. Prakash Natrajan, Parent of VVivaan Prakash, Class – I Malhaar