Let’s Debate on Making Voting Compulsory

To promote oratorical skills and provide a platform to senior students to discuss ways of improving the political system of the country, an Inter-House Parliamentary Debate was organized on the topic, ‘Compulsion to cast vote will improve the political system of the country’. The competition was adjudged by Sruthi Balakrishnan and Karthika Ashoka, NiBS alumni, and Mrs. Shovna Nair.

Each house was represented by a team of four students who spoke vehemently on their perspective regarding the issue. Armed with statistics and data, they cited reasons and supported them with suitable examples from real life, to justify their stand. While the Government argued that compulsory voting will increase the participation of the masses in the electoral process, which in turn would lead to better governance by our leaders, the Opposition claimed that that coercion was against the very idea of democracy and would destroy the very fabric of our Constitution.

It was truly impressive to see the participants raise razor-sharp Points of Information (PoI), a distinguishing feature of parliamentary format, that allows debaters to interrupt a speaker to ask a question or offer information which favors their side of the debate.

While Neem House stole the show and won the debate hands-down, Banyan House attained the second position. Congratulations to all the participants for an engrossing and highly engaging debating session!