Making informed choices

A career workshop was organized for the senior school students to help them in making informed choices while choosing their future careers. We invited experts from different fields to provide an insight to the students in different careers.

‘Making Informed Choices’ took place from 23rd August to 24th August and parents were invited so they could also get a deeper understanding of diverse career options open to their children.

Gautam Dutt, the Bureau Chief, from India Today gave information regarding various career options available in mass communication and the skills required to be in this field. For the next session, Mr. Rajat Puri, a multimedia specialist enlightened the students on the role of a multi-media specialist. He emphasized that students who have a creative flair and are keen on learning technical skills can design an information and communication technology (ICT) based product that not only entertains but also educates the users.

The second day session began with Ms. Ira Bakshi from the Oberoi Center of Learning and Development. She shared valuable information about different career options available in the hospitality industry. Dr. Abhishek Sharma, an ophthalmologist at Center for Sight gave an insight into the skills and vision required for this noble profession and also shared his knowledge as to how to prepare for a career in this field. Ms. Jasika Jabbal, an interior designer from Designscapes not only gave students a sneak peek into the ethics of designing spaces, furniture, buildings, and merchandise but also shared the skills required and the scope this career offers as a designer. The aim of these sessions was not only to acquaint our students with the possible choices available but also to realize that each career requires its own set of skill set which they needed to keep in mind before making a choice