Masti Ke Ghol 2016

On 7th May, the NiBS community came out in full strength together for yet another interesting celebration of our annual event ‘Masti ke Ghol’. In accordance with our annual ‘Around the World in 200 Days’ we decided to explore four exotic countries – Spain, Brazil, Japan and Egypt – by putting up creative spaces that not only displayed the culture and traditions of these locations but also had fun- filled activities in store for all the visitors, who were handed over a passport which was stamped every time they visited any country centre.

Hola, Welcome to Spain!!! This space was decorated using the symbols and colours of Spain and fun facts about the country were also prominently displayed. The room had four corners, one being a creativity corner where children could be seen happily colouring the Spanish National Symbols and displaying them on the bulletin boards for all to admire. Next was the ‘Selfie Corner’, where against a backdrop of the famous tourist places of Spain and cut outs of a Flamenco dancer and a pirate, visitors enjoyed posing for selfies. Then there was a Quiz Corner, where children had to unscramble the jumbled words related to Spain. People also got a chance to learn some basic flamenco steps form Senior School Children. A ‘Hop-Dribble and Goal’ game area was also set up. People had to first hop, then dribble the ball through the hurdle and hit the goal. It was a big hit with adults and children alike.

Brazil, a vast South American country famed for its busy beaches as well as its Carnival festival, featuring parade floats, flamboyant costumes and samba was transported to the NiBS foyer area on this occasion. The excited tourists had a wonderful time relaxing on the beach chairs, clicking pictures at the photo booth which had the cutouts of the mascots for the upcoming world cup, and making intricate masks at the craft corner. In addition to all this, people got to learn about this beautiful country through interesting fun facts that were constantly being flashed on the giant plasma TV put up in the foyer.

Marhabah…..welcome to Egypt! This is how visitors to the Egypt center were welcomed. Soft Egyptian music and videos highlighting the important aspects of the country including the camels, pyramids, mummies and palm trees were played to give the visitors a feel of the exotic land of Egypt. Crafts, jigsaw puzzles and mind games with the flavours of Egypt were also organized. The ‘selfie’ corner where one could take pictures with the ‘mummies’ was the busiest corner of all. The visitors were seen enthusiastically participating in all activities and even shaking a leg when the song ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ was played. With a warm ‘Shukran’ each visitor was handed out a fun fact leaflet on their way out.

Japan- the land of the Rising Sun, was represented by a display of its cultural and traditional items. The Zen table depicting the Zen Garden and Japanese tea ceremony called Chanoyu was the highlight of the centre. The whole process from preparing a bowl of tea to the placement of crockery was elaborately shown. Kimono, the traditional dress of Japan, traditional toys and some artifacts were also exhibited. A power point presentation illustrating the culture and history was shown and later a fun quiz was also conducted. Children enjoyed the origami corner the most where they learnt to create beautiful shapes and objects using paper.

Two more exciting destinations awaited the visitors. The first was the Games Centre which had an exciting array of games to choose from. If ‘Build It Up’ required the participants to make the tallest pyramid using thermacol glasses in 1 minute, ‘Sand Khoj’ had them to digging into a sand tub for any three things of same variety, using only one hand. ‘Fix It’, ‘Bujho to Jane- a fun quiz’, word search activities, Blind man’s Buff in which the participants had to mark Melbourne on the Australian map and many other games brought cheer to one and all. The last destination was the Art Center that both showcased the various art forms of all the four countries that the visitors had explored during the event and provided a hands-on experience of making those art forms. This was one world tour that will certainly not be forgotten by the NiBS community for days to come!!