Masti Ke Ghol – 2018

HOW ‘DINI’ – We are asking ourselves the how questions and trying to answer them this year. The NiBS Community came together this year for ‘Masti Ke Ghol’ on Saturday, 5th May, 2018 to try to answer some of the questions like – How does water move from one glass to another without actually pouring it? How does a magnet attract iron? How does a balloon burst when it comes in contact with lemon juice? How does light refract? How do primary colours help to make secondary colours? How does a candle extinguish when covered with a glass? These questions were answered by setting up experiments across school. Various venues were earmarked where the students and parents could experience first-hand how a magnet is attracted to iron fillings through a fun fishing game. Another set up was where students got to mix two primary colours like red and yellow and create orange. Bursting balloons brings back fond memories of birthdays. Here everyone got to burst balloon in a fun way – by touching the balloon with citric acid. These simple science experiments helped to answer many everyday questions. Together with all the parents who planned and those who came for the event we were able to make this an unforgettable event