Masti Ke Ghol – 2019

Masti Ke Ghol 2019 – our unique community concoction of fun, learning and bonding of parents, teachers and students took place on Saturday, 4th May, 2019. Parents and teachers came together to plan several fun-filled experiences for the NiBS community which were then executed on the 4th of May.

The performance scripted by our parents and enacted by NiBS teachers and parents was based on the super heroes and sheroes we encounter in our daily life- the ones that protect and care for us. This was followed by beautiful and melodious numbers sung by our NiBS community choir group. Both the shows were oversubscribed for and were a great success.

There was a galore of art activities- design your shield, superpowers of our NiBS community, make finger puppets and a k’no’w your plastic art activity. A spectrum of games based on the ‘heroes and sheroes’ theme delighted our visitors and the venue remained fully packed with parents and children.

Parents, grandparents, and children flocked to the cheerful Reading Corner where teachers read stories of heroes and sheroes. They also made Superheroes and Supersheroes themed finger puppets which we are sure, will be used for many imaginative story-telling sessions.

Officials and volunteers from WWF conducted a ‘Buzz me’ activity, Give Up sign –up and encouraged parents and children to play a K’no’w your Plastic floor board game.There were many freebies too.

The student volunteers were courteous and diligently performed their duties. Lemonade and spicy pickles made by our students as part of their Work Experience were also put up on sale as a part of fund raising for SEWA. It was truly a day when the NiBS community came together !!