Masti Ke Ghol

On 13th May, 2017, the NiBS community of parents and teachers came together once again to whip up our trademark ‘Masti Ke Ghol’. This is a fun filled event at NiBS that highlights the importance of the connect and relationship between the teachers, students and the parent community.  As our Annual theme this year is “Out Of The World”, all games and events were planned with this exciting theme in mind.

The preparation of this day started with numerous sessions of brainstorming comprising of enthusiastic parents and teachers. While some parents used their expertise to organize resources for the event, others were happy to help with research work, planning and designing games for the students.

The students were excited to witness and learn facts and mysteries about space and planets in the mobile planetarium on the stage.

As the day was planned to be a day of ‘learning and fun’, the games in the Auditorium were great start for that. They were very innovative and entertaining, from ‘Ring the Saturn’ and ‘Put the planets in the Right order’ along with worksheets, puzzles to keep parents, grandparents and children involved.

Science Lab: This was a destination which gave information about planets and their effects on our life. There were some interactive quiz also planned to help children learn, along with some interesting videos to keep the very early learners entertained.

NiBS Space station : This was literally stepping into the Future ! With  the opportunity to walk in space using the  three dimensional Virtual Reality Application and  games to actually design aircrafts to travel in space, this  area was buzzing with activity. To keep the young learners engrossed there were many colouring sheets , puzzles and mazes planned too !

Art Mural: This was a place of creative expression for all budding artists both in terms of students and parents. It was immensely appreciated by parents and allowed the students to express their idea of space and cosmic world around us.

Photo Booth: This area was  designed and planned by the team of  our talented teachers and was an instant hit. Many parents were delighted to take selfies dressed as astronauts and aliens.

Talk with Astrophysicist : We invited Mrs. Sonali Mohan an astrophysicist to conduct an interactive session conducted with parents, children and teachers.

Games in the Open Area: The Mantra of learning can be fun was reiterated when both parents and children enjoyed playing family based games with theme of stars and planets.

This event of Masti ke Ghol was indeed an opportunity for the NiBS community  to explore and understand the cosmic world around us. It was also the strengthening our circle of togetherness.