Merry Christmas

A special combined assembly was presented by students of Junior, Middle and Senior School to celebrate Christmas. The assembly began with morning prayers as the blessings of the almighty were essential for beginning the day. After the prayer, Class 2 students spoke on the significance of the ornaments that are used to decorate a Christmas tree adding meaning and value to the celebration. Next in turn, was elocution by Class 3 students on the values of Christmas which included the values of ‘Sharing and Caring’. After this, Senior School students presented a play on the birth of Jesus Christ. The assembly culminated with the melodious singing of Christmas Carols, by Classes 5 to 8, which exuded a spirit of warmth; generosity and goodwill. They were great for getting into the Christmas spirit and the icing on the cake was the ‘Jingle Bells’ song by Classes Ankur and Pallav followed by another song by Class 1,which spread its radiance to all and gave a wonderful beginning to the last working day of the year.