Museum Learning Masterclass

India and the world- A History in nine stories Venue- Special exhibition Hall, First Floor Conducted by- Flow India in collaboration with The British Museum The purpose of the workshop was to introduce the educators of various schools to the concept of taking a small part of History of India and connecting it with events happening in other parts of the world simultaneously. The exhibition chronologically encapsulated the evolution of Indian civilization since antiquity and its interconnectedness with the outside world through a raft of exquisite artefacts from India and abroad. ‘India and the World: A History in Nine Stories’ offered insights into two million years of history. The exhibition showcased some of the most important objects and works of art from the Indian subcontinent, in dialogue with iconic pieces from the British Museum collection. We were given four lesson plans along with worksheets to attempt after the end of the session. The sessions were presented by Habiba Insaf, Head of Pedagogy and Learning, Arundhati Mitter, Director India and J D Hill Research Manager, British Museum.