My Needs – Transport

While exploring the theme “My Needs- Transport”, the children of Class II visited the Metro Rail Museum at Patel Chowk on 29th July, 2016 and toured South Asia’s first modern Metro Museum, the only installation of its kind worldwide, in an operational Metro station.

The museum showcases the genesis, history and journey of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), India’s first modern public transportation system that has revolutionized travel by providing a fast, reliable, safe and comfortable means of transport.

The children lined up eagerly at the entry point and enjoyed inserting their tokens to be allowed access into the museum. Mr. Khanna, the museum in- charge, showed them a collection of display panels, historical photographs and exhibits of the Delhi Metro since its initial stages of design.

Apart from these, the children observed models of metro trains, soil samples from construction sites and kits used by station managers and train operators.

There was also a working model of the Operation Controls Centre and Tunnel Boring Machine, which some children enjoyed watching, while others got busy using the fare chart to calculate fares between various stations.

On their return from the trip, they recorded their observations and discussed the relevance of public modes of transport in our lives