Nature Walk

Class II went to a nearby park for a Nature Walk on 19th April. It was a fun filled sensorial activity in which the children used their different senses to observe nature around them.

Firstly, they had to sit quietly and listen to the various sounds around them like chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves. The children were then asked to identify these sounds. Later they took a walk around the park and touched natural objects to feel the different textures like in a rough bark and smooth petals. They smelt many flowers around them which were in full bloom.

The children observed various shades, patterns and colours in the flowers around them. Finally, after a good day of exploring, they sat down and enjoyed the yummy food and drinks that they had brought.

After the hands on experience, a discussion on interdependence of senses was done in the classroom. The children completed a worksheet on the different sense organs and had to ponder and think about which sense organ was the most important to them.