NiBS Utsav

The Nibs Utsav was a wonderful day filled with much laughter, fun and community spirit. Enthusiastic young children accompanied by their parents and peers flocked the school campus and gave a buzzing start to the carnival. Balmy conditions, beaming faces set the tone of the carnival.

Attractive stalls, interactive games, art and craft stations, DJ, crowd pleasing dishes etc provided an impressive array of options to choose from.

The game stalls were a huge hit amongst the children. It was delightful to see them tickled pink as they flaunted the trinkets they had won for playing the games well. Games like ‘Pin It Right’, ‘Ring Toss’, ‘Break Down’ and ‘F1’ were a hit amongst the children.

People savoured delectable dishes served at various food stalls namely ‘Simbly South’, ‘Chatpatty Chowpaty’, ‘Dholakpur ke Ladoo’ etc . Tangy Bhelpuri, sweet ladoos, wholesome idlis, spicy chow mein , rich cakes, refreshing tang etc left everyone asking for more.

The DJ session in the auditorium gave everyone an opportunity to let their hair down. Grooving to the latest beats, everyone had a whale of a time.

The art and craft stations in the basket ball court allowed the art enthusiasts to showcase their creative sides by quilling, drawing, painting, clay modeling etc.

The White Elephant stall was set up, that offered immense variety of attractive items at throw away prices.

But, the highlight of the day was the lucky draw. The people waited with bated breath as Charu ma’am pulled out raffles from the box and announced the names of the lucky winners, who won many attractive prizes.

The reward for months of preparation and diligent planning was truly achieved as the Utsav was a great success. Everybody had a ball and left with a memorable experience. The grand success of this nascent initiative bodes well for the many new and exciting ones in the future to come.