Annual Day – I to XII

“Hakuna Matata – No worries. As long as our children are in NiBS; we are too happy to see them bloom. Thanks for a lovely evening. ”
Ms. Adit Kaur, Parent of Jasmine Kaur, Class – I Malhaar

“Wow ! NiBS does it better than last time every time. Great to go around the world with the kids.”
Mr. Darpan Arora, Parent of Saranya Arora, Class – IV Basant

“Beautiful, breathtaking & mesmerizing journey around the world. We travelled along with the kids ! Kudos to the teachers & kids !! ”
Mr. & Mrs. Chadha, Parent of Akshaj Chadha, Class – II Bahaar

“Excellent conceptualisation and execution by the children”
Mr. Anindya Acharya, Parent of Aditya Acharya, Class – VI Bahaar

“Great job kids and kuddos to the trainer as well for synchronising so many kids so may percussion and vocals together !! ”
Ms. Priya & Mr. Dinesh,  Parent of Avilash Dinesh , Class – V Basant

“Musically superb…melodious and beautiful life performances”
Ms. Deepali, Parent of Kanan, Class – VIII Bahaar